10 Hollywood Actors and Amazing Facts About Them


These actors may have varying degrees of fame. Some are open books about their personal and professional life, while some are not. Despite the popularity they have, there are certain facts that fans might still not know and they now have the chance to know them better.

Bill Murray


An interesting fact about the award-winning actor is that he has no agents. Those who happen to have his contact and want to cast him can drop him a voicemail message. If he is interested in the offered project, that is when one can hear from him. Many mentioned that he missed a lot of opportunities because of not having an agent, but that is what makes him stand out from other actors.

Chris Hemsworth


Due to the fact that Natalie Portman couldn’t make it to the shoot of Thor: The Dark World’s ending scene, Hemsworth’s real-life wife, Elsa Pataky, stood for the actress’s position during their kissing scene. Fans might have noticed that the kiss was indeed passionate and realistic, this was the reason.

Nicolas Cage


There are only a handful of actors who had the credit of playing Superman, whether in films or TV series, and Nicolas Cage almost had it. Well, he actually experienced wearing the red cape with the exposed red underwear in a movie. Sadly, the film, which is supposedly directed by Tim Burton, Superman Lives, got shelved.

Christopher Walken


Due to his incredible talent in acting, most filmmakers wanted to cast him. In fact, out of the decades he has stayed in the entertainment industry, especially in filmmaking, 2010 was the only year since 1974 when his name was not in the closing credit of a movie. That’s 36 consecutive years and at least 36 films. Impressive is an understatement, don’t you agree?

Jack Nicholson


When Jack Nicholson reached 37 years old, he found out that her mother was the woman he’d always treated as her sister. Well, her mother, June, had him when she was just 16 years old with an unknown man. June’s mother wanted her to pursue her dancing career, in return, her mother will stand as Jack’s mother, making them look like they were siblings.

Robin Williams


In one of his most unforgettable films, Good Will Hunting, Robin Williams kept on forgetting his line. If it can be recalled, during the last scene, when he uttered “That son of a ***** stole my line,” that part was actually ad-libbed. Matt Damon, who’s credited for the screenplay revealed that during that time, Williams would mouth a different dialogue. When a take was done and he said that infamous line, Damon grabbed Gus Van Sant, the director of the film, and said that they got the perfect shot.

Robert Downey Jr.


Before he portrayed the role of Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. was extremely different from how he was back then. Many years ago, he was arrested driving his Porsche on Sunset Boulevard naked. Police officers also found illegal substances and a gun in his car. His lawyers failed to keep him from getting sanctioned, so he spent time in rehab and prison. After that stage of his life, he got out with a disposition like Tony Stark.

Sean Connery


It was on a set when actress Lana Turner’s boyfriend Johnny Stompanato pointed a gun at Sean Connery. However, before he was able to pull the trigger, the actor grabbed him and bent his arm until Stompanato dropped the weapon on the ground. He won’t be credited as the best James Bond actor for nothing.

Jim Carrey


In case someone didn’t know, Johnny Depp was just a second choice to play the role of Captain Jack Sparrow as Jim Carrey was the first choice of director Gore Verbinski. Unfortunately, due to conflicting schedules; the filming of the movie The Curse of The Black Pearl and Carrey’s shooting for Bruce Almighty coincided, causing him to drop the pirate role. Regardless, both actors and their respective movies did well at the box office.

Michael Jackson


It’s uncertain if there is a specific degree to become a witch doctor, but the late Michael Jackson seemed to believe in their skills. Vanity Fair revealed that the legendary performer once talked to a witch doctor to eradicate his enemies, David Geffen and Steven Spielberg, who reportedly had refused to cast Jackson for a role in the film Hook, which turned out to be a failure. The Billy Jeans singer reportedly paid the witch doctor $150,000.