The Cost of Perfection on the Biggest Night in Hollywood


The Academy Awards Night is the biggest event in Hollywood where stars are recognized and honored for their work on the Silver Screen. Fans from across the globe often watch this star-studded event not just to see who will win the prestigious awards, but because they also want to see what these celebrities are wearing.
You are correct to assume that these celebrities paid a pretty penny from their investment money to look like a million dollar on this one night. After all, they have to get their hair done, their makeup, remove any flaws on their skin, find the perfect under garments to suit their outfit, their shoes, accessories, and the list just goes on and on.
But how much do Hollywood’s stars spend on this biggest event? Celebrity stylists Ugo Mozie and Lo VonRumpf and branding guru, Jeetendr Sehdev shared how much each step of looking perfect for this night costs the stars. And we can’t help but feel our jaws drop with the amount. Let’s take a look.

The Price of Perfection
According to celebrity stylists, an A-list actress can spend up to $10 million for the occasion. Let’s say that she takes 16 steps on the red carpet rolled out for the occasion. If you break the cost down, each step cost her $625,000 already! To their credit, it is a price worth spending if it will help get them the edge, especially with the media.
On the other hand, male actors require less steps to complete their look, but they can still dish out up to $270,000 for their low-maintenance ensemble. According to VonRumpf, the Oscars was similar to a wedding. Each year, Hollywood stars go all out with their outfits and their overall look to get the chance to shine.
That said, we are curious as to how much of their investment money they spent on looking the part at the Oscars.

• Male Celebrities
The cost of their hair and makeup is $10,000 already. Add $2,000 for their teeth whitening for that perfect smile, plus skin treatments worth $3,000 to remove any visible flaws on their skin. To add a bit of color, a spray tan can be used for only $250. Let’s not forget that male celebrities also get their mani-pedi for the big night, which sets them back for $1,000.
Moving on to their outfit itself, these stars spend $500 each for their shirt and pocket square. Their underwear costs them $150. On top of that, their tuxedo costs around $25,000 depending on the style and design. Add $2,000 for their shoes, and that’s it!

• Female Celebrities
With female stars needing more attention to their looks, they are bound to spend more than their male counterparts. Just like men, women spend $10,000 for their hair and makeup, plus an additional $2,000 for their teeth and $500 for their lashes. If hair extension is required, that is an additional $2,000. Skin treatments are pegged at $3,000 and a spray tan will cost them another $250. Of course, a manicure and pedicure are in order and will cost them an extra $1,000.
Fortunately, these ladies don’t have to apply for personal loans to afford this celebrity treatment. Aside from that, they also spend $800 for their undergarments. Their gown can cost from $200,000 and above, depending on the brand. Their shoes cost $2000 just like with men, but their jewelry? Well, that can cost up to a million dollars at least.
The total cost of their look plus the stylist fee of $15,000 and a limo service of $700 and you can see why they spend up to $10 million at least for their Hollywood look.