12 Amazing Facts About Popular Musical Artists


If one thinks that he knows a lot of things about most artists in the music industry, this list will definitely test their knowledge.

George Harrison

First up is the member of the most recognizable band in the world, The Beatles’ George Harrison. Everybody knows that the members have an incredible degree of friendship, especially at the peak of their careers. However, the most surprising and kind of weird fact about them is that other members: John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and Paul McCartney, watched Harrison lose his virginity and even celebrated when he’s done doing the dirty. While touring in Hamburg, Germany, he brought a girl home while others were in the room, then did his thing underneath the sheets.

David Bowie

As a normal blue-eyed kid, he got into a fight once, which led him to develop a rare condition called anisocoria, wherein his left pupil turned permanently dilated. This also made the Heroes singer’s left eye look darker compared to his right eye.

Ringo Starr

Aside from playing with his band, Ringo also has another gig that many might be surprised about. He has the credit of being the original narrator of the famous children’s show Thomas the Tank Engine. Yup, that’s him. Other notable personalities who performed the job were Alec Baldwin and Pierce Brosnan.

Freddie Mercury

Many know that Freddie Mercury was a great musician and an amazing performer with unimaginable vocal abilities. However, many might not be aware that he was also skillful in disguising someone in public places, and that someone happened to be Princess Diana. After seeing the reruns of The Golden Girls while drinking her favorite champagne, the princess decided to accompany Mercury and Kenny Everett to the bar. Because of her extreme degree of popularity, the two had to disguise her using a cap, an army jacket, and sunglasses, which eventually worked.

The Beatles

Despite being credited as the best-selling musical act in the world, none of the four members of the band could write or read sheet music, which is significant for musicians. Paul McCartney revealed that he doesn’t perceive music as “dots on a page” instead “something in my head that goes on.”

Mariah Carey

Remember Mariah Carey’s infamous line “I don’t know her,” which was directed to Jennifer Lopez? Well, many believe that the reason was about a sample of music, which she wanted to use for her then-upcoming album Glitter. When Tommy Mottola, her former husband, heard the sample, he asked Irv Gotti, a record executive working for him, to replicate it to be used on Lopez’s song. What he asked happened and it was used for her song I’m Real, which reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Carey then unexpectedly had to shelve the record she’s been working on.

Nicole Scherzinger

Fans have been speculating about Nicole Scherzinger’s singing, not because she’s not good (she’s great), but because of the amount of singing she got while other members barely had any. Well, Scherzinger reportedly has credit to 95% of the vocals during her time with the Pussycat Dolls.

Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury

Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury were two of the biggest names in the music industry, even up to this date. Their influence and fame are to an impressive degree despite not being here physically. Jackson and Mercury initially were friends but had a falling out when the former brought a llama in a recording studio. Queen’s manager, Jim “Miami” Beach, revealed that Mercury called him and asked him to get him out of the recording sessions saying that he was “recording with a llama.”

Will Farquarson

Many might have known him as the bassist of the popular band Bastille. What others don’t know is that aside from maneuvering a musical instrument, he also knows how to fly an aircraft as he is a qualified pilot. He earned this credit back in March 2018.

Twenty-One Pilots

The band’s name has a deeper meaning than many have thought. The inspiration came from a play where the plot is about someone who sent out defective airplane parts that caused 21 pilots to lose their lives. That sounds odd, but Tyler Joseph mentioned that the band’s name is a reminder to make good decisions despite the hardship of making them.

Dolly Parton

The jolly Dolly once participated in a drag queen celebrity impersonator contest, personating herself. She hid her identity and exaggerated her looks just so no one would notice. In the end, she received the least degree of attention and eventually lost. Guess she’s not too Dolly herself.


Aside from being an exceptional performer, a basketball coach revealed that Prince is also great in playing the popular ball game. What was lacking was just his height. Guess a blessing in disguise for his innumerable fans.