16 Shocking Facts About the Well-Loved Television Series


There are thousands of television series made. Those who made into this list are those that have interesting facts about them that many viewers might have failed to notice. Here are 16 well-known TV series.


The Cosby Show


For starters, Sabrina Le Beauf became widely known for her portrayal of Sondra in the long-running series. However, many might not be aware that the role was initially offered to the late Whitney Huston. She turned down the opportunity as she put investments into her music instead. Guess everybody already how it went down.

Breaking Bad


Combining the titles of episodes 1, 4, 10, and 13 of the second season will give you “Seven ThirtySeven, Down, Over, ABQ,” a foreshadowing of what will happen at the end of the season, which is a very unfortunate event in the show.


That ’70s Show


Mila Kunis gained a significant degree of fame when she landed a role in this popular sitcom. What many fans don’t know is that she lied about her age just to get a shot of an audition. Filmmakers were looking for actors aged 18 years old and above as there were restrictions for minors like her who was just 14 years old at that time.



Jennifer Aniston almost failed to be part of the syndicated show as she was cast on another show. Wondering what could have been if she did not get the role of Rachel Green is certainly difficult.


A Different World


In order to keep the show’s genuineness and relevance, Debbie Allen, the producer and director of the show, who also happens to get her degree at Howard University took her writing team to a field trip to Spelman College in Atlanta and Morehouse College to get a glimpse of the historically black colleges.

Saturday Night Live


This sketch comedy program has been on air for decades. It has featured most of the celebrities and comedians in Hollywood, with college degrees or not, but never Jim Carrey. Yup, he actually auditioned multiple times but was denied.


Gilmore Girls


Remember those town-meeting scenes? Well, some may think that actors and crew members shot them instantaneously, but they did not. Oftentimes, they had a 20-hour shooting day just to film all the characters’ reactions. Sometimes, they play games just to make the time pass.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


In the first episodes of this popular series, Will Smith would study the entire script, which sometimes made him utter the dialogues of other cast members.


The X-Files


David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have a 10-inch difference in height, which is not obvious during the airing of the series. To compensate for the difference, the latter often stood on a box when they had scenes together.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson, who played Mac and Dee, respectively, actually co-own a bar called Mac’s Tavern, which is located in Philly.


The Flintstones


Pebbles’ character was perceived to be a boy, but a toy company suggested that it would be a nice investment if it was a girl as they could create dolls for retail. According to Joseph Barbara, the creator of the series, Pebbles dolls garnered around $3 million in its first two months of availability in the market.

30 Rock


Remember the Werewolf Bar Mitzvah song sung by Tracy Jordan? The writing credit for it goes to Daniel Glover.


The Office


Phyllis Vance was one of the well-loved characters in the famous series. It was played by Phyllis Smith, who initially worked as an assistant casting director, but because of her undeniable talent in reading dialogues with actors during auditions, producers offered the role to her.

Sex and the City


These two pictures are shot during a scene from the series. Some might immediately point out the continuity error. The bus that splashed Carrie in the opening sequence was full of people, but after it passed, the passengers mysteriously disappeared.




Because of his dedication to the character, Ted Danson entered bartending school for two weeks as a preparation for the role that eventually gave him fame and good a credit score.

The Jeffersons


Before landing the role of Florence in the series, Maria Gibbs was working at the customer service department of United Airlines. When she got the role, she still kept her job there and people would sometimes recognize her voice.