A Compilation of Celebrities That Will Make You Cringe


Celebrities have had their origins since the earliest of times. If one were a citizen of ancient Greece, celebrities would take the form of athletic Olympians. In the present, with the emergence of media, we have grown up idolizing celebrities who can be singers, actors, painters, writers, or sportsmen among others. We aspire to be like them.

However, because of their degree of brilliance, we sometimes have the tendency to forget that like us, they’re merely humans. We look up to them so much that we sometimes fail to recognize that they can make mistakes. Below are a few moments when celebrities regret being celebrities.

Tripping in Finesse


As among the world’s highest-earning actresses since 2016, Jennifer Lawrence has received more than four Academy Award nominations and an Oscar win for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her credit in the film Silver Linings Playbook. This achievement paved her way to becoming the second youngest actress, at 22 years old, to have an Oscar. Apart from being known as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games franchise, Lawrence is also famous for tripping. Yup, she tripped a few moments before receiving her Oscar. She also almost fell down during a movie premiere.

Unconscious Tendencies


Born as Stacy Ann Ferguson, Fergie is best known as the only female performer in Black Eyed Peas who gave us chart-topping hits such as Shut Up, Lets Get It Started, I, and Where is The Love, among others. Before becoming a renowned artist, Fergie was at the lowest point of her life. However, she overcame substance abuse by focusing on her music. Eventually, she became part of the said music group.

However, the most unfortunate occurred to the artist. While it may not be related to her addiction problem, it is embarrassing to a high degree: peeing unconsciously during a performance on-stage. The spot was highly visible because of the color of the trousers she was wearing.

Queen of Kitchenware


Demi Lovato has proven herself to be a versatile artist: she is successful in both the music and movie industries. At a young age, she started out as a regular in a few Disney productions and went on to chase her passion as a singer. Lovato has received credits in the movie Camp Rock. As a singer, she has gained success from albums such as Unbroken and Don’t Forget among others.

In an interview, fans have forgotten Lovato’s greatness for a few moments. When asked what her favorite dish was, the singer-actress answered “a mug.” It may have been an honest mistake but fans will find this hard to forget.

Taylor and Her Fan


Apart from having an amazing vocal range, Taylor Swift is also known to be a multi-instrumentalist. A recipient of numerous Grammy Awards, she has revolutionized country music and has gone on to be equally successful in different genres. Swift takes the credit for giving us hits such as Love Story, You Belong With Me, and Begin Again, among others.

However, during one show, Swift will be remembered for getting too close to a fan and having her skirt blown up. Concert goers got a glimpse of her nude-colored underwear.

Lip Sync Fail


Ashlee Simpson’s roots as a celebrity started when she appeared in the reality television show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica and for releasing her album Autobiography. Despite being the sister of the famous Jessica Simpson, she decided to evade her sibling’s shadow and pave her own way to fame. Through her degree of talent, Simpson became the host of her very own The Ashlee Simpson Show and released albums like I am Me and Bittersweet World.

She is also famous for an SNL performance that went south the moment it started. Despite being a hundred percent ready and enthusiastic, the audio track was accidentally replayed. She continued to perform, which revealed that she was merely lip syncing.