A Normal Day at Work


As much as watching a finished movie is enjoyable, taking a peek behind the scenes is equally awe-inspiring, especially if it features your favorite celebrity! Actors whose photos were taken behind-the-scenes is comparable to witnessing the steps in a magic trick: the mystery that encapsulates the film productions being peeled off gradually. Being used to seeing our favorite actors and actresses in the zone most of the time makes it hard to imagine them at rest and vulnerable. However, when you see Thor place his hammer down, open his phone, and check his emails, he loses his Asgardian aura and becomes as human as us.

Setting aside the credits of these celebrities, here are rare moments of celebrities being vulnerable.

Lonely Alien


In the darkest confines of space, the crew manning the starship Nostromo had just awoken from their cryo-induced sleep capsules to respond to a call from an alien vessel. The plot thickens when the crew stumbled on a bunch of eggs hidden within the alien ship.

During the break, one of the aliens was probably exhausted on set and decided to sit. It’s not easy sporting an alien costume for the whole day!


Batman Changing Careers

Witnessing his parents’ being killed brutally in front of him, millionaire and philanthropist Bruce Wayne (whose credits were given to Michael Keaton) defends Gotham city from criminals wearing a Batman suit.

In between scenes, Michael Keaton was photographed looking through the viewfinder of a Panavision film camera. He might be considering changing career paths.


Not a Contrast

Back in April 2020, as part of the Battlestar Galactica marathon, the cast were gathered to share about the time they spent with each other on set. While their answers consisted mainly of small bits of details the cast shared with each other, a notable anecdote stood out: the cast shared that characters, whose roles are in the military, had to undergo a real-life bootcamp.

Apart from that, their drinking sessions appear like actual scenes from the movie.


Titanic on an Alternate Universe

No other movie, like James Cameron’s Titanic, can quite encapsulate a love story that has endured the test of time. Within the decks and halls of the R.M.S Titanic, the ill-fated love story of Jack and Rose slowly unfolded until the “ship of dreams” approached its inevitable demise—a huge iceberg.

In this photo, watching Jack and Rose on a floating plank of wood, comfortable and engaged in what James Cameron is talking about, is far from the scene depicted in the movie. Despite the high degree of emotions of the said scene in the finished movie, looking at them like this is quite comforting.


Almost Possible for Cruise

This scene is one of the few rare moments captured from Brad Bird’s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, which stars none other than Tom Cruise who plays Ethan Hunt in all Mission: Impossible franchise. The actor is photographed talking to co-star Jeremy Renner while being suspended mid-air from a building.

In the movie, Hunt takes the blame when terrorist forces breached the Kremlin. The president of the U.S. government then launched the Ghost Protocol, which forced him and his colleagues to go off the grid and clear the agency’s name.


The Real Issue


It can be hard picturing out our favorite Game of Thrones actors keeping themselves occupied but walking the streets of Westeros. However, since taping started, they had to sport their costumes even during breaks in between.

In one photo, Theon (whose credits were given to Alfie Allen) was perhaps on the losing end as he played a game of poker with the group. This might be the reason why Theon hated the Starks so much.