Behind the Scenes of the Greatest Movies of All Time

Since the cinema has come into existence, the degree of the impact on the entertainment industry has been greatly felt by people all around the world. While the main goal of cinema is to entertain people, it’s role in helping people overcome the absurd monotony of life cannot be overstated. With a vast array of characters with relatable experiences, cinema somehow reflects the current state of the society we currently live in. It has the ability to open our eyes to issues that we seemed to have completely forgotten about in the past.

It is worth noting that a film is as good as the people and events that occur behind the scenes! Here are a few of them.

Brendan Fraser almost died on the set of The Mummy


While filming a scene where Rick O’Connell, portrayed by Brendan Fraser, was to be hanged, the noose was accidentally tightened because it did not match the stunt man’s neck diameter. The scene was shot but the crew was unaware that Fraser had not been breathing for 18 seconds.


Alicia Silverstone and Haiti


On the set of coming-of-age film Clueless where actress Cher Horowitz (whose credit was given to Alicia Silverstone) participates in a debate class, she mistakenly pronounced Haitians as “Hate-i-ans.” The response of the crew was to let her know but director Amy Heckerling stopped them because it was the perfect portrayal of her character.

Titanic cast drugged up


One character stole the spotlight from Jack and Rose on the set of Titanic—phencyclidine. Majority of the crew were transported to Dartmouth General Hospital because of the adverse effects of the drugs. Unfortunately, the person who drugged them via PCP-spiked clam chowder was never pinpointed.


A bit of disrespect


When the king of Wakanda passed away in Black Panther, T’Challa went home to take over his father’s rule. However, an enemy appears in the process: a former black-ops soldier named Killmonger (whose credit was given to Micahel B. Jordan). It was later revealed that Killmonger is the first cousin of T’Challa. In one scene, Jordan’s spontaneity was emphasized when he claimed the throne. On entering the room, he utters “Hey, Auntie” to T’Challa’s mother, which was not part of the original script.

With a little help from mom


At 17 years old, Christopher Mintz-Plasse had already appeared in the movie Superbad. Since he was just a minor during the time, the actor’s mom was said to be on the set when they filmed the actor’s sex scene. “I had to fake sexual intercourse in front of her,” the actor added.

Layers and layers of make-up


Star of the How the Grinch Stole Christmas Jim Carrey felt like he was “buried alive” after taking over eight and a half hours to have his make-up done. After day 1 of shooting, the actor had already expressed displeasure. The producer Brian Grazer made an investment on hiring a CIA officer to train Carrey how to overcome torture in just dealing with the makeup.


Almost James Franco


In an interview, Bring it On director Peyton Reed recalled his encounter with one of the auditionees, James Franco; he was the perfect actor for one of the movie’s characters. Unfortunately, Franco disclosed being involved with Freaks and Geeks. The said role was then given to Jesse Bradford.

The original Buzz


In the critically-acclaimed animated film Toy Story back in 1995, one of the characters, Buzz Lightyear, was supposed to be voiced by Billy Crystal. He reportedly turned the role down. After watching the finished movie, Crystal realized that rejecting the role was the biggest mistake he ever committed in his career.


Samwise’s Hypothetical Demise


During the taping of the lake scene in the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Sean Astin (who took the credit for portraying Samwise Gamgee) accidentally impaled his foot on a shard of glass. Since the location was an hour and a half away from town, a chopper flew him to the nearest hospital.