Most Expensive Celebrity Purchase


Having an astounding amount of wealth can buy you a lot of things, and celebrities have that perk. They can choose whatever they want any time of the day, from business investment to extravagant vacation, while others get their hands on some of the most expensive things money can buy, such as mansions, supercars, private jets, jewelry, art collections, and even companies, for that matter. Celebrities then flaunt these things for all to see, especially nowadays when technology makes that more convenient through social media platforms.

And, of course, people from around the world have been reveling with their possessions. Well, it’s quite comprehensible why we would be astonished by these things that they acquired and still acquiring because we can only dream of having what they have—for now, at least. Oh, and they’re still acquiring some more to a great degree, mind you, since their net worth is increasing by tens of millions of dollars every year. So, ever wondered what lavish things these celebrities got hold of? Keep reading!


James Cameron: Walnut Farm – $20 Million

Renowned filmmaker James Cameron is best known for movies like Aliens, The Terminator, True Lies, Avatar, and many more. His successful career has been generating an abundance of wealth— he certainly doesn’t need money loans—and he uses some of his money to purchase a 250-acre dairy farm for $20 million in New Zealand, which was previously owned by Rob and Heather McCreary, which runs along the southern end of Western Lake Rd.


Jay-Z: Racehorse – $55 Million

Jay-Z is known for his contributions in the music industry, but there’s another thing that the rapper is noted for, and that’s the purchase of the racehorse California Chrome worth $55 million from Steve Coburn back in 2014. The horse had won in one of the famous races in the world, the Kentucky Derby—a clever investment planning, given the history of the horse.


Donald Trump: Gold Plated Jet – $100 Million

The gold-plated Boeing 757 of Donald Trump was perhaps his most prized possession, with a mind-blowing price of $100 million, which he often used as a backdrop for sleek photoshoots, VIP tours, as well as transport for campaign rallies. Trump has always loved to show off the colossal jetliner with its gilded bathrooms, cream-leathered seats, and 24-karat-gold layered seat buckles.


Kanye West: 10 Burger King Franchises

Kanye West is a successful rapper who is widely considered as one of the most influential hip-hop artists of all time, increasing his net worth to almost $2 billion. Perhaps his ten Burger King franchises across Europe contributed to some extent to his wealth, which he obtained back in 2014. However, in a post on his official Twitter account back in 2018, Ye claimed that McDonald’s was his favorite restaurant. There’s something fishy here.

Kim Basinger: Town of Braselton – $20 Million

Kim Basinger is a former James Bond girl and a Georgia native. At the height of her career, the actress had decided to buy the town of Braselton in Georgia, for which she had been setting aside a great deal of money from her movie projects. Basinger had big plans in mind for the small town, such as building something that would create an influx of tourists. Woefully, the plan didn’t come to fruition, and she sold the town for $1 million.


Celine Dion: Humidifier – $2 Million

Celine Dion has been in the limelight for many years, entertaining countless fans from around the globe with her high-pitched voice. For that, the singer reached a great degree deal of success over the years. As with all other celebrities who purchased jaw-dropping things, Dion also had hers—a humidifier that costs a whopping $2 million. It was intended for her vocal cords.