Movie Facts that are Too Good to be True


Since the art form of film has emerged, aside from being a form of entertainment, it has also served as a new set of eyes that somehow open up viewers to different ways of looking at things. From silent films that were famous during the early days to adrenaline-packed superhero movies we enjoy today, movies have definitely developed to a greater degree since then.

Movies have a great way of getting people together. From the crew behind the camera and the viewers that support a movie, the industry is among the largest in the world. With a billion eyes around the world fixed on certain scenes for a significant amount of time, sometimes, specific details can be worth looking at the second time! Here are a few of them.

1. In the original draft, the protagonist Woody from the critically-acclaimed Toy Story was supposed to be a ventriloquist dummy. In the movie, he is a cowboy vintage doll who served as the leader among Andy Davis’ toys who came to life.

2. While filming, Francis Copolla, director of the highly-esteemed The Godfather franchise chanced on a cat while shooting the said movie. This cat takes credit for appearing in the opening scene seated on Marlon Brando’s lap.

3. When The Matrix is mentioned, we can’t help but think of the characters trailing against a black backdrop. While looking like complex algorithms, these chains of text are actually symbols from the sushi cookbook of a production crew’s wife!

4. Apart from being an exceptional director, James Cameron takes credit for being an artist. It is worth noting that he was the one who sketched Rose’s nude portrait in Titanic.

5. One of the most influential and iconic movies to date is Pulp Fiction. When Mia Wallace, whose credit was given to Uma Thurman, is all doped up, Vincent Vega, who is played by John Travolta, punctures a needle in her vein. On the set, Travolta pulled the needle out, and that certain scene was played backwards.

6. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, over 50% of men will experience the effects of male pattern baldness. The charming 007 experienced this when he was merely 17 years old. In every James Bond movie he starred in, Sean Connery is reported to have been sporting a toupee.

7. The famous Starbucks coffee franchise first opened in Seattle back in 1971. Over two decades later, it has permeated the streets of Los Angeles to a certain degree. Director David Fincher shed some light on consumerism by sneaking a Starbucks coffee cup in almost every shot in the movie Fight Club.

8. In a movie full of dinosaurs, one of the biggest obstacles are faced by sound designers. Not encountering one in a lifetime will juice out every bit of creativity in a designer’s mind. In Jurassic Park, one of the most bizarre sources of velociraptor sounds were tortoises mating.

9. While it’s essential to have an engaging plot in creating a movie, having a competent crew is also important. In the horror film Halloween released back in 1978, the production’s investment was not enough to acquire a custom mask. As a response, the art director purchased a Captain Kirk mask and had it spray-painted to create a terrifying look. William Shatner must be…proud?

10. Imagine a different actor playing The Terminator. Would the movie be as successful if Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to take the role? However, it is worth noting that footballer OJ Simpson was once considered for the role. Director James Cameron opposed the idea because he thought Simpson could not pull off the said role.

11. The animated film Monsters, Inc. would not have been a success if it weren’t for Boo’s degree of cuteness that captivated fans of all ages. Boo was voiced by a two-and-a-half-year-old Mary Gibbs who was chased around by the crew with a mic and candies.