Taylor Swift Earns $365 Million – Here’s How She Spends It


Taylor Swift surprised her fans by dropping two new albums back in 2020. Starting out with Folklore, which was released in July, the singer-songwriter released Evermore in the same year. According to her, she could not stop writing songs. This surprise move made her fans wonder if there is another album coming up to complete her trilogy.
Swift started her career as a singer when she was just 15 years old. To her credit, she has already earned 10 Grammy Awards, 29 AMAs, and has gone on several highly successful tours too. Her fans were quick to name themselves as “Swifties.”
With Swift’s remarkable rise to stardom in the music industry, it is not surprising that she has amassed around $365 million in net worth to her name. The question now is; how does she spend her fortune?

Real Estate

Swift may have a financial adviser by her side when it comes to her money. The young millionaire has been putting her money on real estate, which is quite impressive for her age. In fact, she has eight properties in different states in the country with her entire real-estate portfolio amounting to $84 million. Her biggest purchase as of yet is her properties in New York City worth $40 million.

Private Jets

With several properties to her name, the singer will need a way to get around them and fast. Rumor has it that she has two private jets. Although there is no news on how much she paid for them, it is possible that each jet costed her $58 million. Her investments in this transport have worked to her advantage as she can simply fly out with her family anywhere she wants.

Crew Vacation

One of the reasons why a lot of people love Swift is because she knows how to take care of her crew too. In fact, after her 1989 World Tour, she spent money on her band and the rest of her team, flying 125 people to Australia for a well-deserved vacation.


Another way that the singer uses her money is through charities. For starters, the Nashville Symphony received a donation from her amounting to $100,000. Swift is also quick to help others during natural disasters. Reports showed that she sent $1 million to Louisiana after the flooding. Another reported that she donated $500,000 to Nashville as part of their flood relief.
Aside from that, Swift also shared her blessings to the Education sector. In fact, she pledged $4 million from her investment money to help fund the Taylor Swift Education Center. On top of that, she gave NYC public schools $50,000 as her donation.
Additionally, Swift even gives her money to GoFundMe pages such as the one that was for a service dog owned by an autistic boy. She also gave $50,000 for the nephew of her backup dancer who was diagnosed with cancer. The list goes on and on.

Support Fellow Stars

Where else does Swift use her money? Well, how about helping her fellow celebrities out? In fact, Swift did not hesitate to give $250,000 to Kesha to help her with the lawsuit she filed against a music producer. Perhaps Swift knows the pain and the cost of such lawsuit herself.
To her credit, her generosity does not stop with her celebrity pals but also to those around her. There was a time when Swift was hanging out with her friends, Ed Sheeran and Austin Mahone. It was said that she left a $500 tip after they ate.
Just like any stars out there, the singer often hangs out with her squad. She is often spotted hanging out in restaurants, bars, and clubs too. However, Swift is also thrifty as she prefers to cook. In fact, there were reports that she hosted several events in her home where she did all the cooking and baking for her guests. How cool is that?


Another way that this multi-awardee spends her money on is clothing. Swift can rock designer clothes wherever she goes. Her gowns in numerous music events are from known designers. Aside from that, she also loves her more affordable pieces of clothing, such as her Steve Madden sandals, that only cost her $60. Also, she is known to put her investments on products from Madewell. The prices here start below $100.

Wrap Up

Swift has proven time and time again why she is one of the most popular singers of today. She has earned an impressive net worth just from her music, but also through endorsements. What’s even better is that she knows how to share her investment money too. From her family to her crew to those who have become victims of natural disasters and more, Swift is not just a talented singer but one with a generous heart.