Unbelievable Expensive Monthly Bills of Celebrities


Paying a bill is quite simple, right? When a mortgage due comes, you pay it. Having a bill or two of them each month can become a breeze when managing your bills, as well as having the cost considerably less than your income. But oftentimes, what seems to be a straightforward thing can turn out to be the most complex. However, with a bit of planning and prioritizing, you can get a handle on your monthly expenses and bills.

By the way, this also applies to celebrities, only in a larger scale. As their wealth grows over time, their necessities grow as well, be it a private zoo or a shark in a tank. Who knows? Having them presents a myriad of financial obligations in the form of maintenance, for one, which, in turn, becomes monthly bills, like personnel salary and other expenses that come with it. So, investment planning is really needed before diving right into putting a shark in a tank—just kidding. On a serious note, let’s find out these celebrities’ expensive monthly bills.



Beyoncé has a net worth of $400 million, so it’s not surprising if her monthly bills could reach the million-dollar mark. According to the reports, the singer spends $500,000 a month on rent for a vacation home, $75,000 for private jet rentals, $10,000 for a publicist, $8,000 for bodyguards, $7,500 for an in-house chef, $7,000 for a personal trainer, and $4,000 each for a dietician and maid.


Kim Kardashian

In 2021, Kim Kardashian joined the list of billionaire celebrities. Given the success in her business investments, which doubled its value by the billions of dollars, her current net worth is estimated to be around an astonishing $18 billion. We can only imagine her monthly bills’ worth. However, before her enormous wealth, it was revealed that she spent around $44,000 a month.


50 Cent

50 Cent has turned his financial situation around since filing bankruptcy back in 2015, and he now has an estimated net worth of $30 million. But back then, legal documents had revealed that the American rapper was shelling out more than $100,000 for his monthly bills, which included $72,000 for his mansion’s maintenance and utilities, $9,000 on bodyguards, $5,000 on gardening, $3,000 on clothes, and $1,000 on personal grooming. Perhaps he now has a good financial advisor.


Johnny Depp

Perhaps one of the most recognizable roles that Johnny Depp has played was in the Pirates of the Caribbean, where he portrayed Captain Jack Sparrow, which earned him a chunk change. On the other hand, following a highly publicized circumstance in his life, it revealed that he was spending $2 million a month, which included $300,000 for his forty-plus member staff, $30,000 for wine alone, and $150,000 for his children’s bodyguards.


Britney Spears

And just Johnny Depp, who was entangled in a public circumstance in his relationship, legal documents acquired by ABC News also showed the financial situation of Britney Spears. It had shown the former teen idol spent a grand sum of more than $150,000, which included over $100,000 for gifts, vacation, and entertainment, $17,000 on transportation costs, $16,000 on clothes, over $10,000 on utility bills, and more than $4,000 on takeout food. This perhaps included a fee for her lawyer.


Cardi B

Most people think that all celebrities earn heaps of money and that at the end of the day, they have so much to spend on whatever they want. However, American rapper and songwriter Cardi B disagreed otherwise. On an Instagram video post, she disclosed that she spent $300,000 on her monthly expenses, with the chunk of it going towards taking care of her family. Cardi B also shared that 45% of her income goes to IRS.