Epic Movie Scenes That Made You Hit That Pause Button

Different genres of film all have different effects on us. Whether it is a horror, an action film, or even romance, a good movie will always hit hard and leave you wanting for more. However, sometimes, a well-written story isn’t enough to carry a film to a certain degree of success. That is why having the perfect cast to portray and depict hard-hitting scripts is a must-have for any high-production film. Moreover, a talented director can elevate any given script into a masterpiece. All of these aspects, I’m sure, can be found in all of our favorite films. Moreover, these films gave us some of the best scenes that we surely can’t forget.
Sometimes, a scene hits so perfectly that we just have to capture it in one shot. This list will showcase some of the most memorable scenes in modern and classic films that made us want to hit that pause button.

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

The Wolf of Wall Street is credited by some for being one of Martin Scorsese’s greatest films. It starred Leonardo DiCaprio as the infamous Jordan Belfort. As we know, he is responsible for founding the notorious wall street firm Stratton Oakmont in the early ’90s. The movie followed the story of his rise and fall, scamming, and earning millions. It was a blockbuster that garnered nearly $400 million at the box office.

DiCaprio might have been the star of the show, but some might find it hard to forget the breakthrough performance of the gorgeous Margot Robbie. She played his wife, and one of the best pause-worthy scenes in the movie was when she was seducing DiCaprio. They were in the children’s room, and she held her foot on DiCaprio’s forehead while he crawled towards her. That shot painted a thousand words about the duo’s on-screen chemistry and how talented the young actress is.