Off-Stage Personas: Celebrities And Their Real Names

Even before any investment money was spent developing equipment, such as cameras and microphones, many people have already had a fascination for various fields of art. This, of course, includes performing in front of an audience, whether as an actor, storyteller, or singer – or perhaps all at once. Suffice to say, that hasn’t changed a bit.

The entertainment industry is filled with numerous actors, singers, filmmakers, and composers, among other star-studded figures. Now, it’s safe to say we all know more than a few of these celebrities and can probably come up with five names right from the top of our heads. The thing is, though, it wouldn’t be too surprising to discover that some of these celebrities go by different names under the spotlight. Well, if you’re interested in finding which one of your favorite stars has a stage name, do stick around because for this article, we’ll be taking a look at the celebrities who have stage names that greatly differ from their real names. Some of them even have more than two names.


Drake | Aubrey Drake Graham

Fans of hip hop and rap undoubtedly know Drake. Before he joined the ranks of the music industry’s well-known artists, the rapper did all that he could to cover whatever personal loans he and his family had, which led to him starting an acting career when he was fifteen years old. Thanks to some help from one of his friends, he landed the part of Jimmy Brooks in the TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation. By this point, he still went by the name Aubrey Graham.

Born Aubrey Drake Graham, the Degrassi star also worked on starting his music career in between filming for the series. While producing catchy tracks is a must in becoming a popular singer, he also needed to think of a name that’s easier to remember: Aubrey Drake Graham is surely too long. As a result, he went with his middle name, Drake.