Hollywood Golden Age Stars Who Are Still Alive and Inspiring Fans

Many people have repeatedly demonstrated that age is merely a number. A growing number of celebrities from many entertainment fields are approaching their 90th birthday. Some have even surpassed the century mark. It is incredible to watch them still marching on after all of their work at the peak of their career investments. Indeed, some people’s careers are still going strong. On the other hand, others may choose to live a quieter, more enjoyable existence. Regardless, these celebs in their 70s and beyond continue to dazzle admirers.

Even though they have been in the spotlight for a long time, you might be surprised to hear that some of your favorite celebrities are still alive. They are still here to see the influence of their legacies after all these years.

Angela Lansbury – 1925

One of Hollywood’s most enduring icons from the Golden Age, Angela Lansbury continues to work every day. She is an unintended role model for living one’s older years with unlimited imagination and style at the age of 96.

She got her first Oscar nomination at 19 and earned her standing as a Commander of the British Empire. Indeed, her life has been full of outstanding credits. Lansbury is so unique that she has not one but two stars on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. The roles in which she impacted were often more significant. While her quaint New York apartment is modest, her illustrious career, including films such as The Manchurian Candidate and Murder, She Wrote, has been anything but incredible.